Looking for Confluent Platform Cluster Linking docs? This page describes Cluster Linking on Confluent Cloud. If you are looking for Confluent Platform documentation, check out Cluster Linking on Confluent Platform.

Cluster Linking Configuration, Commands, and Management

You can create, view, manage, and delete cluster links using the Confluent Cloud CLI and the Confluent Cloud REST API.


The Cluster Linking REST commands to create and update cluster links are available on all Confluent Cloud Dedicated Confluent Cloud clusters with Internet networking created on or after August 17, 2021. They are being rolled out to all previously created clusters. To request that your existing cluster be prioritized in this roll out, send an email to clusterlinking@confluent.io.

Configuring Security Credentials

When you create a cluster link, you will need to give the cluster link credentials with which to authenticate into the Source cluster. Read the Cluster Linking security overview for more information about Cluster Linking security requirements, including the required ACLs.

Configuring Security Credentials for Confluent Cloud Source Clusters

If your Source cluster is a Confluent Cloud cluster, your cluster link will need these properties configured:

  • security.protocol set to SASL_SSL
  • sasl.mechanism set to PLAIN
  • sasl.jaas.config set to org.apache.kafka.common.security.plain.PlainLoginModule required username="<source-api-key>" password="<source-api-secret>";
    • Replace <source-api-key> and <source-api-secret> with the API key to use on your Source cluster.
    • Be careful not to forget the " characters and the ending ;


When using the ccloud CLI in testing and development, you can use the parameters ``

Configuring Security Credentials for Confluent Platform and Kafka Source Clusters

Since cluster links consume from the source cluster using the same mechanism as a regular Kafka consumer, the cluster link’s authentication configuration is identical to the one needed by Kafka consumers.

The following properties are supported by cluster links going to Confluent Cloud Destination clusters:

  • security.protocol
  • sasl.mechanism
  • sasl.jaas.config
  • ssl.cipher.suites
  • ssl.protocol
  • ssl.enabled.protocols
  • ssl.endpoint.identification.algorithm