Expand a Dedicated Kafka Cluster in Confluent Cloud

This topic shows you how to expand an existing Dedicated Apache Kafka® cluster using the Confluent Cloud Console. Cluster expansion enables you to seamlessly scale your cluster to meet your streaming needs.

When you scale a Dedicated Kafka cluster, Confluent adds brokers and rebalances the cluster to ensure a balanced load across the brokers.

  1. Select your Confluent Cloud cluster.

    Confluent Cluster web UI
  2. Click the Cluster Settings tab and then Capacity.

    Confluent Cluster capacity
  3. View the current usage on your cluster and determine if you are hitting any usage limits. Click Expand capacity, select the expanded CKU capacity for your cluster, and then click Apply changes.


    Cluster expansion is not reversible.

    Expand Confluent Cluster capacity
  4. Confirm your changes and click Continue.

    Confirm cluster expansion


See Dedicated cluster provisioning and expansion time for guidance on how long expansion may take and variables that affect that timing.