Manage Topics in Confluent Cloud

You can create and manage topics and schemas in Confluent Cloud. Topics are grouped by cluster, and you can apply schemas to topics.

Manage Topics

An Apache Kafka® topic is a category or feed that stores messages. Producers send messages and write data to topics, and consumers read messages from topics. This article describes how to work with topics in Confluent Cloud.

Managing Topics in Confluent Cloud

Browse Topic Messages

View the data being produced to a topic. Browse message data, seek to a specific offset or timestamp by partition, and download selected messages.

Message Browser

Monitor Data Flow

Monitor the flow of data from producers to topics to consumers.

Data Flow

Manage Schemas

You can create schemas in Confluent Cloud, and apply them to topics. Schemas give you the ability to specify structure, type, and meaning of your data. You can define nuanced forward and backward compatibility requirements for schemas per topic to accommodate message data that evolves over time.

Working with schemas