Confluent Cloud Console Basics

The Confluent Cloud Console enables you to view your environments and associated clusters, account billing information and more. This topic describes some common tasks you can complete in the Cloud Console, such as adding and deleting Apache Kafka® clusters, changing your password, creating and viewing API keys, viewing billing information, and where to access Confluent Cloud resource limits .


If you are using Confluent Cloud Enterprise and need to add or delete clusters, contact your account representative.

Monitor cluster activity

You can monitor cluster activity and usage from the Clusters page within each of your environments. To view the page, log in to Confluent Cloud, choose an environment the Clusters page displays.

Confluent Cloud Cluster Panels


To configure Control Center to monitor your Confluent Cloud clusters, see Connecting Control Center to Confluent Cloud.

View and change cluster settings

You can view and edit cluster properties in the General tab of the Cluster Settings page. You can view the cloud type, provider, region, and zone availability details, and delete a cluster from the General tab.

Hover on the Cluster ID or Bootstrap server properties to access a Copy to clipboard button for your convenience. Paste these details when you are configuring, running commands, or troubleshooting your cluster.

Confluent Cloud Cluster Settings

Change a cluster name

On the the Cluster settings page, you can edit the cluster name and view the provider, region, zone, availability, and other details. You may be able to change the cluster type, depending on what type it currently is. For example, you can upgrade from a Basic to Standard cluster.


Dedicated cluster names currently cannot be changed.

  1. On the Cluster settings page, make sure the General tab is selected, and click the Edit icon.

    Confluent Cloud Change Settings
  2. Edit the cluster name in Cluster name field and click Save changes.

    Edit cluster name

Delete a cluster

The Cluster settings page enables you to delete a cluster.


Applicable to Confluent Cloud only. If you’re using Confluent Cloud Enterprise, contact your account representative.

  1. From the Cluster settings, make sure the General tab is selected, and click Delete cluster.

    Confluent Cloud Change Settings Delete Cluster

    You are prompted to confirm the deletion.

    Confirm cloud cluster deletion

Create keys for a cluster

To can create and delete API keys, navigate to Data Integration, and choose API keys. Select a key to edit its description. For more information, see Resource-specific API keys for Kafka, Schema Registry, or ksqlDB.

Confluent Cloud Cluster Settings

Access Confluent Cloud CLI and support

Access instructions to install and use the Confluent Cloud CLI, and access Confluent support and tools from options located at the bottom of the navigation menu.

Confluent Cloud support

Install the CLI

Choose CLI and tools, located at the bottom of the navigation menu. Select the CCloud CLI tab for step-by-step instructions to install and access the environment with the Confluent Cloud CLI . For more information about how to install and use the Confluent Cloud CLI, see CLI.

Access support

To access Confluent support, choose Support located at the bottom of the navigation menu. The support plans display, with your current plan indicated. See Confluent Cloud support plans for details about the plans.

Access account and billing information

The Administration menu in the upper right enables you to access account and billing information, and create API access keys for the cloud account.

Admin menu

Change your password

  1. From the Administration menu, click Settings > Reset password.

  2. An email will be sent to the email address associated with the account to reset your password.

    Change Confluent Cloud password

View organization bill and ID

  1. From the Administration menu, click Billing & payment. The Billing page shows current accrued charges by selected environment and time period (year and month).

    Confluent Cloud Billing page
  2. Click the Payment details & contacts tab to obtain your Cloud Organization ID, edit your billing information, add an address for tax purposes, or claim a Promo Code.

    Confluent Cloud Payment details page

For more information, see the billing page.

Add users

To add a user:

  1. From the Administration menu, click Accounts & access, and click +Add user.
  2. Enter an email address, select an Access Role, and choose a Scope.
  3. Click Review and then Create.

For more information, see Invite a User.