Get Started with Confluent Cloud on the AWS Marketplace with Commitments

This topic shows you how to get up and running using Confluent Cloud on the AWS Marketplace with usage-based billing commitment. With a commitment, you sign up for a minimum spend amount and get a discount on your committed usage of Confluent Cloud.


To pay for Confluent Cloud, Confluent Consumption Units (CCUs) are enabled in the cloud Marketplace. Pricing in Marketplace is the same as direct purchase pricing. For more information, see Confluent Cloud Consumption Metrics for Marketplace Deployments.

  • An AWS Marketplace account. You can use Confluent Cloud and get billed directly through AWS.
  • If you have ever registered for Confluent Cloud, you must use a different email address for registering on Confluent Cloud through the AWS Marketplace.
  • To purchase you must be logged in to the AWS Marketplace and your project must be enabled for purchase by your billing administrator.


  1. Contact the Confluent sales team and request a quote for a AWS Confluent Cloud commitment. You will receive a AWS Marketplace private quote from Confluent sales.

  2. View the quote on the AWS Marketplace using the private quote link from Confluent sales. Review the terms of use, and click Create contract.


    After you create a contract, you will see a popup window to with details of the amount that will be invoiced to your AWS account.

  3. Click Pay now. This amount will be invoiced to your AWS account to subscribe to the service.

  4. Click Setup your account. This will redirect you to the Confluent Cloud signup page.

  5. Provide the necessary information to sign up for Confluent Cloud.


    After filling in the fields provided, click Submit.

    You should receive an email from Confluent requesting that you verify your email address. After verification, you are automatically logged in as the administrator of the new Confluent Cloud account.


    If you have registered for Confluent Cloud previously, you must use a different email address for registering on Confluent Cloud through the Marketplace.

  6. Click Create cluster to get started.

    Create clusters


Email already exists

  • When you try to sign up on Confluent Cloud it says your email is already in use.
  • You log in and see old clusters.
  • You are still seeing charges from your previous payment method.
Re-register using a new email address. If you have ever registered for Confluent Cloud, you must use a new email address for the Marketplace.

No active entitlement

You see a message on the Confluent Cloud Console stating that you do not have an active subscription.
Create a new subscription through the AWS Marketplace. Confluent will migrate clusters to new organization.

Pending Confluent Cloud set up

A message is displayed on the Confluent Cloud Console that says “Your organization is being provisioned on Confluent Cloud.”
Confluent Cloud is still pending completion of some tasks to create an organization. You will be notified after the setup is complete.

Next Steps

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